Monday, December 28

I'm back!!!

So I've been back for quite some time now but just haven't gotten around to blogging. Slack I know, but I've just lacked motivation lately. Going through a little bit of a down time in life,which is frustrating me because I love being happy and silly and enthusiastic and all of that. I blame my boyfriend as he moved 300 km away from me. Meanie. (I do still love him lots and he should know I'm only joking).

So here is just a brief overview of my uninteresting life these last few weeks...
  • I went to New Zealand. It was so much fun. But that should need another post. Here are a few photos anyway...
  • I got my ATAR. Yay! Which made me happy.
  • I found out I didn't get into Artexpress. Which made me cry.
  • I applied for a billion jobs and didn't here anything from anyone. Which also made me cry.
  • Christmas was pretty fun. I got a fish named Shark, which I shall need to photograph, and the Scrubs boxset and a Wii.
  • And I'm going to Sydney this weekend for my boyfriends 18th.
Ta daa. A month and a bit of my life, in 6 dot points. I feel like some more chocolate. I am eating too much chocolate lately.

It feels good to be back.

Here is a pretty picture to celebrate feeling good, from this amazing blog...