Monday, November 9

Oh wow!

I can't believe I only just stumbled across this site. It is called Poladroid and for the unfortunate people like me who are unable to find someone to buy them a polaroid camera and a massive stash of film, IT CREATES POLAROIDS FOR YOU!!! Fake, I know, but still, POLAROIDS!!!

Ahhhhhh, so preeettttyyyyyy.
A charming look for me, I know ;)
I do really wish to live in this house, it would be my dream come true.
I believe there is something wrong when a man straightens his hair more than I do.
My beautiful best friend and I looking so happy that we have finished school!!
Couldn't resist putting this one in.

Have fun trying it out, you even get to shake the photos to help them develop!!! It's so amazing!!!

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