Friday, January 22

6. Looking back

Today I reread one of my old journals, reminiscing the past year, laughing at memories provoked from the pages... sitting on the large green lounge with my best friend, creating the perfect superhero, laughing, oblivious to the treasure the moment would become... lunchtimes spent in the art room, painting pictures of my classmates, realising I didn't pay attention to hair colour and style... sitting in my room, drawing from a polaroid, a moment captured on a bus to an art gallery. My memories, trapped within the covers, alive again.


  1. Thought you'd like that hehe. x.

  2. i love this post. i often revisit my old journals & think how much i've changed since past entries. have a wonderful week. xx

  3. i always like reading my old diaries and notebooks :) it makes me happy!