Friday, January 8

2. The Circus

When I was little I was one of those kids who wanted to run away and join the circus. I would dance around the backyard making up acrobatic routines, pretending I was the one who could tame lions and imagining the two balls I taught myself to juggle were tongues of multi-coloured fire. I dreamt of the atmosphere, the smells of popcorn and fairy floss, the sounds of laughter and corny ringmaster music, fairy lights strung up against the smoky night air.

I bought my own clown puppet at a show when I was six. It is the first thing I can ever remember buying. I loved it for the blue spot it had in the middle of it's face that just didn't seem to belong.
Hope you all have a whimsical day.

Oh and this is a terrible time to start an 'every day' type of thing as I'm about to leave for two weeks at the coast. And who knows how often I shall get up the energy to walk to the internet cafe. So my apologies for already breaking the rules. Should've all put bets on it. Hope to post something again soon.

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