Wednesday, January 6

The Rainbow Fish

Ahh, I remember that book. It was one of my childhood favourites. I used to wish for my own rainbow fish and finally I HAVE ONE!!! ... sort of.

This is Shark, and he's not rainbow, but he is my second favourite blue in the world which is pretty special. Isn't he just gorgeous?! Everyone started putting bets on how long he would survive in my room and I must say, I've surprised them all as he enters his third week of life. He is a tough little thing. His instruction sheet evens says it's good to forget to feed him every now and then which is perfect for me as I'm rather forgetful. Unfortunately when the water turns green I do have to clean it but my brother helps take Shark out of the bowl and put him back in which is fantastic...(I'm still not that comfortable with my tiny, squishy, jumpy pet)

Ahhh, my replacement best friend....Have a nice day everyone.


  1. weird. my friend just got a fish like that and named it shark.

    p.s. i love your blog =)

  2. Hi Annie! It's me Laura. I am your friend :) Ha ha.

  3. i feel so blond right now. haha.