Sunday, February 21

A month of firsts...

This past month has been so huge and it isn't even over yet. I got my first job, my first bank account, my first pay slip, my license, drove on my own for the first time, bought alcohol for the first time, got asked for ID for the first time, tomorrow I'm driving to work and having to find a park for the first time.....etc. I just need a nice long sleep.

My birthday yesterday was so special. I loved having my friends and Rhys there, it was truly so much fun. AND..... I GOT A TYPEWRITER!!!! A BRIGHT YELLOW ONE!!!! I'm so happy! Now all I need is beautiful new shoes, like the gorgeous ones in the photo *sigh*

Today I had to say goodbye to Rhys. And like the pathetic child I am I bawled my eyes out in front of everyone. So gross. But necessary. After that I went to Night Church and now I feel a lot better, I'm not even sure when I started to feel happy instead of miserable, but I really am thanking God for helping me. I feel as though I can live without Rhys for a while now, because of God. I still miss him but its bearable now.

God also helped me in my driving test. I wasn't nervous at all as soon as I started driving. I am truly blessed.

And happy birthday for yesterday also to Danica from A Sight To Be Seen. I hope your day was as lovely as mine.


  1. awww! it has been a big month for you! happy birthday by the way! and congrats on all those "first times"! it is so fun getting that first paycheck. i loved it! and yay for the bright yellow typewriter! i bet its amazing!

  2. wow great post. I tend to only read the blogs that I find interesting .
    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.

  3. happy birthday, Love!
    you're life sounds so blessed & exciting right now.
    i'm in love with your yellow typerwriter without even seeing it ;)

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  5. i feel so loved that i'm on your blog list. :) i love you!

  6. i think your blog is wonderful, and i hope that you had such a great birthday. :) :)

  7. Love your blog! So glad I found it through blog catalogue :)

  8. Beautiful photo's!
    Will feel happy.
    The frill is also nice and unique shoes.