Thursday, February 4

Slipping Away

Sorry for the lack of posts, life has all of a sudden taken off and left me in a cloud of tiredness and confusion. I have been editing, filming, photographing, chucking tantrums at the computer, driving to town, applying for jobs, ringing other people about jobs, so on..... but still, that is no excuse :)

I love my blog and my beautiful readers so I am going to make time for blogging from now on. Lately I have been thinking a lot about love and God and where He and I are both at together. I am convinced that God is removing the people and things in my life that I used to turn to in order to feel loved. They are slowly slipping away from me, hence the pit of loneliness I was a few days back. But thanks to the lovely comments, a song, and some soul searching I have realised maybe it is ok. It is ok to be vulnerable and feel alone. It is ok to have nothing. Only then can God be my everything.

And besides all the deep and meaningful things that have been going on in my life lately... I was praying with my little sister one night before bed and at the end of prayer I say "we love you..." and she says "God", "we love you...", "Jesus", "and we love you...", "Holy Spirit". Only this time I listened to what she said and realised she had been saying "Holy Ferret" this whole time :)


  1. I love those pictures and i love that you are not afraid of showing your love for God. you are the best!!!!

  2. you are amazing girl..these pictures are awesome, and i totally understand the being so overwhelmed that it is hard to blog thing! you just take your time mand hang in there!