Saturday, November 21

15 more minutes until tomorrow...

So, in 15 minutes comes the day that I leave Australia for the very first time. In a plane. To a place so incredibly far away. Even though most people would say it's close. It's not. I have to go on a plane, flying super fast, for three whole hours to get there.

Yes, New Zealand!!! It's so close. Only a little bit of sleep, last minute packing, finish an advertising assignment thingo I remembered I had just tonight (oops), a car trip, a sad farewell, and BOOM!!! Airport! Totally scared but not so much as I could have been because my parents shall be there.

Here is me, flying to a land far far away.....
And here is a picture I just found that reminded me of my very most favourite thing to do about three years ago. Curl paper up and make pretty shapes out of it!!! Mine weren't quite so intricate as these but I had so much fun making them. And this just inspired me to start thinking about starting into all my spare time.
Last thing before I go to bed, someone has commissioned me to create artworks for them! Wow! Anyone else want to join the queue for my time and talent now that I'm practially world renowned?!?!

Ha, I wish!

Sweet dreams everyone.


  1. Excuse me my love, but your boyfriend asked ages ago for a drawing/painting.
    Please soon?

  2. For christmas ok honey? hehe. Love you. And miss you. You'd love it here.


  3. I adore paper curling but I don't think I would have the talent to do it? Hmm worth a go I guess. Great post gorgeous images