Thursday, November 19


So I haven't posted anything for a little while. It's not like I've been busy, because really, I haven't. It's more because nothing is happening. School is over forever, I can't start looking for a job until I get back from New Zealand and there is nothing else to do. So I've been watching rerun after rerun of America's Next Top Model (I think I'm addicted) and eating far far too many musk sticks.

Yesterday I actually went outside so that is a good thing. I went to the movies with the boys and saw New Moon, yes, the Twilight movie. I enjoyed it but it wasn't fantastic, I knew what was coming which I think ruined it.

I made Rhys angry by saying "Oooooooooh" when Jacob took his shirt off. I got evicted from my lovely boyfriends shoulder and the armrest barrier got pulled down. But then I won him back by saying "ewwwwick" when Edward took his shirt off. I've since heard that Robert Pattinson is very self-conscious so if you're reading this Robert, it's not that bad and I'm very sorry for saying that.

Last night I found this amazing artist Carl Kleiner. Here is one of his beautiful photos, how pretty?!
And here are some more pictures for everyone to skip to, because pictures are much more interesting than my rather uninteresting life at the moment.
Hope everyone is having a nice day!!

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